Pray for peace, prepare for war… Song 35

Some things you know, other things you think you know. But what do you really know? How much do you want to know? Knowing is never all it’s cracked up to be. You could be wrong if you claim you know. If you claim you do not know, you still may be wrong. What is left, belief? Well, you know what they say… you can’t spell “believe” without LIE. Is there truth? Does knowledge ever grant truth? What if it isn’t that way at all? Trust in knowing is like balancing on sand…

Today’s song is a trippy kind of song. It features a lot of open droning strings. The bass forms the foundation for this one. Four acoustic guitars, 16 electric guitars, 5 synths, drums and a 909 drum track. This one is also a further exploration into getting my voice to sound like a crowd. Lyrics are somewhat of a “stream of consciousness” kind of process. I just listen to the music and words start appearing to me. I write them down quickly before the moment is lost, or I get distracted by a cat running across my keyboard or some stupid commercial annoys me. Anyway, here it is:

Song 35: “Know All”

Oh, know all

All you want can tie you up
All these fears reveals the art

All the clawing fingers, tear at your heart

Oh, know all

Pray for peace, prepare for war
Be chaste in lust, beg to be ignored

Drops in the ocean can’t quench my thirst to know

Oh, know all

Chains of love protect the willing
Our prayers are deaf to the wails of the wild

Trust in knowing is balancing on sand

Oh, know all

Take away the conqueror’s desperate reach

Oh, know all


from February 2016, track released February 4, 2016
Written, recorded and performed by Matthew Sams

Author: matthewsams

Matt Sams is an American singer/songwriter/guitarist from the Chicago area. He has been playing music since childhood and is now in the process of writing, recording and releasing a new song every day of 2014. Keep up to date on the progress by following Matt on Twitter @Somnistatic

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