Where’s your sense of adventure? Song 46

“Why did you even come if you’re going to just complain?” He stared intently at the target of his vitriol, clenching his teeth with a smile.

“I just don’t see why we couldn’t just fly there.” She pleaded.

“Where’s your sense of adventure?” He smiled, visibly relaxing.

“Don’t you have any idea how dangerous this is? Back in St. Louis, I swear that drifter was a second away from stabbing you for those stupid shoes!” She glared at him, on the verge of tears.

He looked down, noticing a new smudge on his lily-white shoe. Frowning, and ignoring her rebuke, he reached down to clean the sole with the side of his thumb.

“Are you even listening to me?” Exasperated, she threw up her hands in disgust. “You make me want to scream!”

“You worry too much. This is a dream come true! Just you, me and the rails.” He flashed the grin that had won her over some three months ago.

“Fine.” She rolled her eyes. She couldn’t let on that she felt more excited now than she ever had before. “Just keep your eyes open. I don’t want to die on a box car.”

Travel Song

Song number 46


from February 2016, track released February 15, 2016
Written, recorded and performed by Matthew Sams

Author: matthewsams

Matt Sams is an American singer/songwriter/guitarist from the Chicago area. He has been playing music since childhood and is now in the process of writing, recording and releasing a new song every day of 2014. Keep up to date on the progress by following Matt on Twitter @Somnistatic

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