These chains aren’t real… Song 266

Night has fallen. I see flashes of light in the distance. Is it the city? No. Thunderheads are gathering. Their slow rumble making their presence felt all the way to me in the top of my tower. I sit and gaze out upon the storm gathering. Lit by candle light, my reflection glimmers in the corner of my eye. I turn to see a grotesque facsimile of me, staring back at me. I feel a crushing weight along the breadth of my shoulders. I hear the clinking of chains as they snake their way around my body, controlled by some unseen force. Gripped with fear, I grip my sword. I am pulled this way, and that way by my unseen tormentors. All the while my doppelganger taunts me. I find the strength of will and I summon up every drop of my courage.

These chains are not real. I let out a scream and the chains shatter. My distorted mirror draws a sword. The battle rages deep into the night. The storm grows to a fierce cacophony. Lighting flashing all around me, seemingly in time with every clash of swords. Thunder so profound it shakes the stone floor under my feet.

I plunge my sword into the black, pulsating heart of my inner devil. I see the doorway just beyond his crumpling corpse. I want to leave. I know I have to leave. Something holds me back. Fear. A growing fear in my heart. My adversary rises, laughing. “These chains aren’t real.” I tell myself as they start to climb my legs. I swing my sword wildly and with one final blow, the devil loses his head. The chains fall away yet again. I rush for the door. I’m free. I know it. I’m free. The thunder shakes me to my knees. The lightning blinds me. I’m free. I know it. I’m free…

Song 266: “The Chain Breaker”

A hatred hides deep in my soul
An ignorance ingrained, a love I’ve never known
The devils in my brain hold my chains

I swing the sword to fight this creature I became
I scream out in defiance, I burn with righteous rage
I hack away my ignorance, I cut through the lies
I stab at my dark black heart, I see with newborn eyes
These chains aren’t real

The devils laugh and taunt me, they claim I’ve lost my will
Hiding in this tower, afraid of what I’ll find
If I look inside, if I try to break these chains

I strip away all pretense, look myself in the eyes
There’s still a hateful creature hidden deep inside
I kick and fight and push and pull and spit in his face
A strength inside me swells, I shatter the illusion
These chains aren’t real

I need to break out of here
The door seems so clear
But something in me won’t let me leave

I stab into darkness
I feel no resistance
I am free


from bellum spirituale – September 2016, track released September 22, 2016
Written, recorded and performed by Matthew Sams

Author: matthewsams

Matt Sams is an American singer/songwriter/guitarist from the Chicago area. He has been playing music since childhood and is now in the process of writing, recording and releasing a new song every day of 2014. Keep up to date on the progress by following Matt on Twitter @Somnistatic

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