Inside my skin I scream… Song 284

This is another song using the drop D tuning. But this one feels a lot different to me from yesterday’s song. Sometimes I really wonder where my words come from. Re-reading the lyrics for today’s song has me confused. I’m not sure what I was saying here, but I really like the sound. I did some fun trickery with the drums. The bass and snare drum are also doubled with 808 drums and industrial samples. I think it kind of makes the hits pop through the mix. Sort of a “thhWUP!” sound to the bass drum. If that makes any sense. It’s something I’m going to mess around more with.

Song 284: “Stolen Fate”

Inside my skin I scream
Inside my skull, lights flashing

Stolen fate, stolen fate

Inside my dreams I wait
Inside my head I’m alive

Stolen fate, stolen fate

Chosen one, they all said
Chosen one, they all said

Stolen fate,stolen fate


from October 2016, track released October 10, 2016

Author: matthewsams

Matt Sams is an American singer/songwriter/guitarist from the Chicago area. He has been playing music since childhood and is now in the process of writing, recording and releasing a new song every day of 2014. Keep up to date on the progress by following Matt on Twitter @Somnistatic

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