Rome wasn’t built in a day… Song 302

Hoo boy. This one took a lot out of me mentally. But, it’s a good thing to challenge yourself. I wondered if I could write and record a symphony in a day. Turns out, I can… and I did! It’s a bit short by most symphonic standards (the average is about 25 mins). It goes all the right places and has just the right amount of twists and turns. I may do a punk song tomorrow to even out my chi.

Song 302: “Symphony No. 1”



from October 2016, track released October 28, 2016
Written, recorded and performed by Matthew Sams

Author: matthewsams

Matt Sams is an American singer/songwriter/guitarist from the Chicago area. He has been playing music since childhood and is now in the process of writing, recording and releasing a new song every day of 2014. Keep up to date on the progress by following Matt on Twitter @Somnistatic

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